Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 01:11PM
Its here! 

Something to cheer about if you were having second thoughts about those 3 Didj handhelds you bought on Woot a couple of months back. At long last, we have successfully ported an emulator (Exophase's gpSP GBA emulator - specifically, notaz's GP2X Wiz version) to both the Leapster Explorer and the Didj.

Source code, documentation and Leapster Explorer binaries are available on Github

For Didj, due to memory constraints, please follow these instructions.

Thanks to Exophase and notaz for their superb work as well as to the great group on #Didj (freenode) - including GrizzlyAdams, PhilKll, zucchini, NullMoogleCable, Claude and many others...



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